Established in 1975 for free speech

About Us

The Cape Town Press Club has, since its inception over 40 years ago, hosted speakers drawn from a wide spectrum of public life. It offers speakers a platform that represents free speech in a non-partisan environment.


Aside from media representatives, journalists, editors and retired members of the media, the club’s membership is made up from those in industries associated with the media, as well as politicians, academics, legal and business professionals and representatives of foreign governments.  Its public activity is focused mainly on lunch and early evening meetings with an invited guest speaker.  The frequency of functions is dictated by current events, the availability of speakers and topical issues. The club has approx. 600 members and is managed by a committee of 9, 5 of whom are working journalists.  The club has a paid secretary and function organiser and a webmaster.


Funding / Finances


The club is a non profit organisation which is funded by nominal annual membership fees as well as sponsorship which covers its general running costs.  Since its inception, the club has enjoyed sponsorship of all the wines served at its functions. Members pay to attend functions and can host guests for a nominal surcharge to members fee.




Each year the club provides bursaries - to students at the Cape University of  Technology and at various universities  for undergraduate and postgraduate journalism students. The bursaries are funded by special sponsorship from BATSA. In addition, a senior journalist and a media internship is provided through sponsorship from the Development Bank of Southern Africa.

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