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Monday 14 March 2016

John Caviggia's death is a sad loss for Cape Town, says Cape Town Press Club

The Cape Town Press Club is deeply saddened by the death of John Caviggia, who passed away this past weekend.

John served as a member of the Cape Town Press Club committee for many years. He brought with him not only his very eccentric manners and his fine clothing and jewellery, which reflected his great sense of humour. His immense knowledge of the arts and theatre world was of great value to the club.

"I used to call John "Mother Theresa" because he looked a little like a nun on an exceedingly decadent day - bedecked a little like an altar with gold crosses and his pretty things," says Donwald Pressley, former Chairperson and current Secretary General of the Club.

Caviggia had a great interest in the news. He was passionate about South African politics and economics. He made his views well known at our functions for years.

He also took a personal interest in all the members of the club and used to help the secretariat seat the guests and prepare for functions. He just loved helping people and socialising with press club members. On occasion he also chaired functions if they related to the theatre.

The Committee will miss him greatly. Rest in Peace John.


Tuesday 11 August 2015

Cape Town Press Club elects new office bearers for 2015/2016

Following a successful Annual General Meeting last month, the Committee of the Cape Town Press Club has elected its office-bearers for 2015/2016.

Brent Meersman (co-editor of Groundup, columnist for This Is Africa and features writer for Mail & Guardian) and Joylene van Wyk (parliamentary correspondent for Landbou Weekblad) have been elected to serve as Co-Chairs for the Club.

They will have the support of Martin Slabbert-Capper (news anchor with Smile 90.4 FM) as the Deputy Chairperson.

The remaining members of the committee are Paul Vecchiato (parliamentary writer for Bloomberg), William Smook (former Chairperson of the Cape Town Press Club), Andisiwe Makinana (parliamentary correspondent for City Press) and Jacques Dommisse (publisher).

Donwald Pressly (contributing editor to noseweek) has succeeded Gloria Barrett, and will now serve as the Secretary General to the Club.


Friday 6 February 2015

The death of SAPA is a blow to press freedom, says Cape Town Press Club

The news that the South African Press Association (SAPA) will be wrapping up its operations and be closing down at the end of March is bad news for the entire country and a blow to press freedom. SAPA reporters have on so many occasions been in the right place, at the right time, and delivered the level of quality reporting that was so sorely needed by other media outlets.

Their contribution to the social discourse of South Africa can never be over-estimated.

This closure will mean a loss of at least 40 journalism jobs, and considering the major media houses are also cutting such jobs it places the future of journalism in this country in jeopardy as career prospects are severely restricted.

The closing down of a domestic news wire service means that South Africa now becomes beholden to international news wires for news not only of itself, but of its neighbours and around the world.

We lament the closure of a credible source that acted not only independent of government but also free from the biases of any single powerful media owner.

The Cape Town Press Club pays tribute to the fearless SAPA reporters who have served news journalism with such dedication for the past 70 years.


8 January 2015

Attack on Charlie Hebdo: Honour the dead by keeping free speech alive

The brazen attack on the offices of French magazine Charlie Hebdo has very correctly been condemned far and wide. By the latest count, 12 people lost their lives for expressing or defending the freedom that so many of us across the world take for granted.

The Cape Town Press Club believes that the best way to honour the lives of the 12 people, who died in this incident, will be to vigorously campaign for the right to freedom of expression across the world.

When free speech dies, everyone loses.

No matter where you live, you should have the inalienable right to express yourself freely and not to fear a physical or violent act of reprisal in response.

The Cape Town Press Club hopes that the perpetrators of this abhorrent act will be made to face the full might of the law as soon as is possible.


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